Geoffrey's Friends: An Update

When we reached out to find an animal charity to try and support some of Geoffrey's endangered friends and family, we were given a couple of different suggestions, but out of the charities pointed our way, one contacted us directly to talk about what they do.

Friends of the Zoo came to meet us for a chat about what their work entails, and took us through a history involving supporting breeding programs, feeding animals, cleaning enclosures and making toys. We were really impressed by the support they give to animals in Northern Ireland, especially in relation to endangered species, so we decided to make them the animal charity of choice for our passbook charge donations and merchandise sales.

From now, the charges you pay for passbook reissues and any piggy bank purchases will go towards supporting Friends of the Zoo, who'll be giving us updates on what the donations are achieving. We'll be sure to share these updates with you so that you can see how being part of a cooperative and supportive community can spread love and support to all kinds of different places.

Next time you come in, make sure you look out for new donation boxes, which will be out on display in both offices to help raise extra funds!

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