Welcome to the New ACU!

We had a good run with our old site and all its great features. Unfortunately, as time went on and updates were made, we found our old site too difficult to manage while taking care of other matters in the office. As a result, we began building the site you see before you now!

Our new website is a simpler, quicker version of the old one, with almost all the same features you loved from the old site! We can't bring back the old loan calculator, but the ILCU website has its own one, which we've linked to the 'Loan Enquiry' button up above! Click here to go straight to their loan enquiry page.

One great thing about this site is the blog archive feature, which lets you go back and view old blog posts which you might have missed on our old site. We'll have all the same interactions here on a regular basis, sorted into news updates and community engagement too, so keep an eye out for all kinds of stuff to read and join in with!

Hopefully you'll enjoy the new site as much as we do; send us any feedback you have in an email, on social media, or via the contact page in the menu up above!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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