Weekend Wisdom

We posted a while back about ACU's new YouTube channel, where you can find all sorts of fun and useful stuff. One of the things you'll find if you head over there is our Weekend Wisdom playlist.

Every so often, we'll post bits and pieces of financial advice from all kinds of different sources, to try and help you stay on top of your finances, so why not subscribe to the channel and save the playlist to make sure that you stay as confident about your money as possible!

If there's anyone you know who might be interested in learning more about how to manage finances, why not share the playlist with them? Spread the word and make sure everyone learns as much as they can!

Click here for the Weekend Wisdom YouTube playlist!

Click here to find the ACU YouTube channel!

Below is the Weekend Wisdom playlist for you to watch all in one go if you don't feel like looking at our YouTube channel. Have a watch, have a think, and then ask us any questions about tips you'd like to see info on in the future!

If you don't feel comfortable with your request being public, you can send your WW request to, and it'll appear on the playlist the following week!

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