Small business owner? Charity volunteer? Creative thinker? General entrepreneur? This post is perfect for you! Don't worry if you're not, though; you'll still benefit!

We've been there before; the difference between credit unions is an exhausted topic and we've shared it in a million posts on different occasions and for different credit union-specific calendar dates. Today, we're returning to the theme, but in a different way.

Let's talk about cooperatives.

Cooperatives are businesses and organisations which work like a community of helpful, friendly neighbours. Instead of lining the pockets of management, direction and investors like big corporations and large companies are made for, cooperatives, such as credit unions, are built to benefit those who belong to them and those who help them to operate. In most cases, this means that any money made by the organisation is returned to its benefactors or members, allowing everyone to benefit from any profits which may be earned.

There are far more ways in which credit unions/cooperatives can help those who support them. Thinking outside the box can be really rewarding when it comes to considering what your credit union can do to help you, and also when considering how you can use your credit union to help other people.

For example, you might borrow money from the community to cover the costs for starting a new business. If so, why not take it a step further? Use the credit union's noticeboards to promote that business, and maybe ask for some sort of promotion on social media. Doing any of these things helps you to expand, while also informing other members of new local services and the benefits of borrowing from the credit union. If you're feeling especially generous, you could maybe offer discounts to members of your credit union, and help the community benefit just that little bit more!

By borrowing and saving at your credit union, you're automatically helping other people. Why not take things a step further and think about how you can enhance the togetherness of the community and inspire people to keep helping on larger and larger scales every day? The only limit to the kindness you can spread is at the far reach of your imagination, so get thinking!

Remember, as a member, our premises, noticeboards, social media spaces, walls, ad spaces and more are all, in part, yours! If you know a good way to use them, speak to us and we'll help make your idea a reality.

Let's show the world some love, and prove, all 10,000 of us, that #TogetherIsBetter

If you're not the creative type, or if you want to do something for your community right now, have a look at the link below. If you help out, you might be in with a chance to win!

1500 Likes Competition

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