Thank You for Staying at Home!

It's not been a nice few weeks in terms of having to tell people to stay away, but with a community of over 10,000 people, we have a responsibility to protect as many people as we can. We're sorry to have to turn people away, but it's all in the interest of saving lives.

We're really blown away by how well our members have been responding to our encouragements to stay home. So many people are calling to make payments and emailing for transfers, and it's brilliant to see such a huge collaboration between so many people in the interest of keeping others safe.

Through all of this, it's important to remember that it's not for your own safety that you're staying in; you're remaining at home to protect those around you. Keep in mind that other people are also staying at home to keep you safe as well, so rest assured that we're not the only ones looking out or you!

The ACU community is special because it brings people together, and although we're not together in person right now, we're more united than ever.

Let's keep protecting those around us!

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