Summer's Up Next!

Now that the Christmas loans have all calmed down and the pocket money has been saved away, it's heading towards the time of year when many people look ahead to summer plans.

It might sound ridiculous to talk about summer loans in January, but now is the perfect time to save to get your share-to-loan ration in order if you know you'll be borrowing for a holiday or a home renovation. On that second matter, if you're interested in making the sunlight work for you this year, you could even start saving against the potential to install solar panels in good time for May!

One way to be sure that you're financially comfortable is to look ahead and prepare for the future. If you're planning to have some extra fun or get some extra work done this summer, then now's the time to get saving! We're always here to help, so if you'd like some support for your summer plans this year, come in and speak to us about what might be available.

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