New Office Layouts & Suggestion Box

If you've been in recently, you'll notice we've had something of a spring clean and rearranged many elements of the banking hall. We've tried to make things as user-friendly as possible by grouping seats together, separating adults and children from one another in the waiting area, and making available information much easier to get a hold of.

Inside the office, we've made things that little more secure with the new advertising space and divider between the desks, keeping business separate from admin and also providing our community with another place to promote themselves. This has, in turn, allowed us to change some things up behind the glass, ultimately freshening the whole space up for everyone and creating more space to move and work.

This has inspired us to reach out and engage with the community. Is there something you'd like to see changed or mover in our offices? Better still, is there something you'd like us to have in the new office when it opens? We're all about making things better for everyone, so don't be afraid to comment and tell us something you'd like to change or add. Alternatively, you can make anonymous suggestions via the link below.

Anonymous Suggestion Box

While you're at it, why not take part in our community competition? Let's get to 1500 Facebook followers!

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