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Here's the official post list for ACU Song of the Week! Vol. 2. If you're looking to see which song is shared every week, you'll find all you need here. If you click the links below, you can find our YouTube Channel, which has playlists for both Song of the Week! Vol. 1 and 2, and if you like Spotify, you can find the link to our playlists here as well!

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If you missed all of Vol. 1 and want to catch up, have no fear! There's a post list for it as well, along with another YouTube playlist which you can find on our channel, and a Spotify playlist too! Click below to find out more.

SotW! Vol. 1 - Post list

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Two songs this weekend, making up for some missed time (not sure why the last two weren't dated either!). One song's got that back-to-school feeling, and the other's just a really good song!

By the way, make sure your junior savers are taking part in our competition!

We heard this one on the radio and thought we'd pass it on to everyone else! Enjoy!

Slightly older one this week. Enjoy the Eagles!

Compensating for missed weeks again! Here's a series of songs to cover your last couple of weeks.


We've given up trying to hope for more sun. Here's Rihanna (but performed by Spiderman),


More music from someone you might not know! This week it's Not My Circus!


We've had a bit of a break for more reasons than we'd like to count, but this week, we're back with a vengeance! We've got enough songs to make up for the ones we missed, plus one extra one! Everything this week comes from a band who you might not have heard from before, but their material is brilliant! Their stuff isn't on YouTube, but we've linked the Spotify page for their EP below!

The Mighty Fallen - Classic Tale of Woe


Another summery double-bill this week to make up for the missed song from last time!


We've got another double-bill for summer feelings this week, although the weather might not be agreeing with us yet...


To make up for last week's missed song, we're posting double this week to really push that summer mood!


Is that the start of summer we're hearing right now..?


We're hoping for the weather to start giving us what we want from spring, so we stole a good weather song from the charts to share with you this week. Let us know what you want in future by commenting!


We missed the weekend on purpose because of the song choice, and chose to post it today to maybe help the weather perk up a little! Thanks to Facebook for the suggestion!


This week's song comes early for website, YouTube and Spotify listeners! Have fun getting ready for your weekend with the Backstreet Boys!


Here's the post-Easter song number 2! Hope you use it to enjoy your weekend!


Happy first song of April! To make up for the Easter break, we're having two songs this weekend, so get ready for some excitement and look out for what's coming tomorrow!


This week's song is a little older, like last week's one, but it's still just as much fun to listen to!


Little bit late again, but no less enjoyable!


Little bit late this week, but the song's still good!


This week's song ought to relate to how the Beast from the East is making us feel! We hope the stress of bad weather isn't making you go too crazy, but just in case, here's Green Day to make you feel better.


We have a 2-part SotW! special this weekend! We apologise for the website difficulties last weekend and hope that this can make up for it! Here's Avicii to make your weekend better!


Are you ready for Song of the Week! to start playing on weekends? We hope you are! Let this first edition help get your weekend off to the right start!


Even more local music this week! Happy February everybody!


We've got another song from closer to home this week! We hope you enjoy this number from Duke SPecial as much as we do!


Are you ready for more local music? This week we've got something a little more popular to get SotW! back into a normal swing. We've been really excited about what Snow Patrol are promising, so hopefully you'll be excited too!


We're back, and to make up for lost time we've got three songs together! Have a listen to the trilogy below and let us know what you think of a bit of local music! if you want to learn more about the band who did the songs, you can find them at


Even though Wednesday has passed for this week, we're saving our song for the weekend! Make sure you head to to find the post which lets you vote for the New Year's celebration song! We want to help you celebrate the New Year with us by letting you choose what gets played, so get on Facebook and get choosing!


Song of the Week! is taking a brief break while the Christmas period is upon us. If you normally come here to find your weekly jam, try looking at the Christmas Edition post instead, which you can find by clicking here. We hope you enjoy the festive choices while they're ringing through December; see you next month!

Spotify Christmas playlist


This week's song is purely for in-office excitement because one of us is going to see the band play on this song's album tour tomorrow! We hope you enjoy the song too! Make sure you keep an eye out on social media to see how you can take part in SotW! choices every week from now on!


THis week we've got some White Stripes to get you excited for the new format of SotW!. Head over to to help take part in next week's song choice; this week the decision is between something OLD and something NEW!


Starting next week, we'll be adding a new feature to Song of the Week! in the form of a polling system for each week's post. On Facebook and Twitter, we'll post weekly polls for you to vote for genre, artist, album and song depending on the week.

Keep an eye out on our ages every week to see what the poll is for, because we'll be letting you decide what appears every week!


Final runner-up this week! Next week we'll be trying something new which lets you choose what appears on each SotW! post, so keep an eye out and make sure you take part!


We're almost at the end of the runners-up from the voting stage of Vol. 2, so make sure you've got those suggestions ready! In the meantime, enjoy this one from Ed Sheeran!


Another runner-up this week. WHat would  you like to see once the voted songs have finished their run?


Another week for runners-up this week. Here are Arcade Fire, who came joint second with a few other groups in the SotW! poll!


This week, we have one of the runners up from the voting weeks. Enjoy some David Bowie!


The votes came in, and the survey told us that you wanted to hear! At last, Vol. 2 is here, and to kick it off, we have the Foo Fighters, with the newest single from their latest album.

Thanks for sticking with SotW! for over a year now, let's enjoy some more!


Voting is here!

We've got a SurveyMonkey questionnaire open to ask YOU which song you'd like to see open SotW! Vol. 2, so click the "vote here" link below to give us your answer and see your favourite song in week 1 of the new collection!

Vote Here!

Vol. 1 is now available as a Spotify playlist. Click here to listen to it!


It's now a year since we first posted a weekly song for the office and the community. For every year that SotW! runs, we'll document it with a new volume, so that each year will be saved in a post of its own. To get things started for Vol. 2, we're asking the community to make suggestions for us to share. The most popular suggestion will kick off the new playlist and send things into a new year of cracking tunes!

To get things up and running, leave us a comment on Facebook, under this post, or in a message or email, and we'll get to voting on whose suggestion will be the starting song for Vol. 2!

Head to our Facebook page to suggest and vote!

You can listen to the current songs up for voting by following the Spotify playlist below:

Current songs for voting - Spotify

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