Song of the Week! Vol. 1

It's been close to a year since SotW! was first created. When it comes around to its first birthday, we'll be launching Song of the Week! Vol. 2 to take us into a new year of banging tunes. Keep your eyes peeled on our blog to see when Vol. 2 launches, because we'll be giving YOU the chance to decide what the first song is! 

Scroll down to find the details of Song of the Week! as well as all the songs from throughout Vol. 1! Click here to be taken to the new blog post for Vol. 2!

October 2016

Every Monday, you can come here to find the latest ACU Song of the Week!, which we'll post to help you get through the week in a good mood. On special occasions, we'll post special songs, and for staff birthdays, we'll be doing requests, so keep an eye out here to see what we're listening to in the office every week!

All the songs we share will be listed here, but if you want to listen to them all together, you can find our "Song of the Week!" playlists on YouTube and Spotify by following the links below:

Song of the Week! on YouTube

Song of the Week! on Spotify

If you want to make a request for a song you'd like to see, you can comment at the bottom of this post, message us on Facebook, comment on any social media posts for Sotw!, or send an email to! We're up for any kind of song, so get in touch and see if we'll share your suggestion!

Scroll down to see all the songs and posts from SotW! Vol. 1!


This is it! After 52 weeks, Volume 1 is closing. To send it out with a bang, we chose to have a proper finishing song! We hope you've enjoyed listening along with us, and we look forward to joining you next week with the opening song of Volume 2, which will be the "champion" of our voters' poll!


We're into the final weeks of Volume One, but we're not slowing it down! Here's one from KT Tunstall!


Even though Vol. 1 is coming close to ending, it's not getting any weaker as it goes! Here's a great song to perk up your Monday.


This one's timing isn't exactly the best, but we're hoping it makes us feel sunnier than the weather outside! Remember you can send us a request whenever you want!


Barry Fleck on our Facebook page suggested this song. Why not let us know what you think and make your own suggestion?


Another requested song this week! Debbie Osborne asked for this one on Facebook, so let us know what you think! Remember that you can always send us a quick request for a song, so send us an email or a message on social media!


Another request from the office! Mairead McDowell chose this one for us, so we hope you enjoy it as much as she does!


Debbie Osborne requested this week's song, so why don't you choose one for the future by leaving a comment down below?


This week's song was chosen by Gillian Kyle on Facebook. Let us know what you think and send us your own suggestions!


This week's song is much happier than the two we shared last week, because we're excited for the new month ahead! This one was chosen by Roisin in the office, so let her know what you think of it when you see her!


A little bit of sadness with this week's SotW!, but we're happy to be able to remember all the wonderful memories and songs Chester Bennington gave to us over the course of his life. A few of us in the office were huge fans of Chester and his work growing up, so we thought it fitting that he should feature for the week.

This week, there will be two songs added tom our playlist to mark the amazing life of Linkin Park's frontman, so scroll on down to hear the brilliant voice that kept us happy for so many years.

Thank you, Chester.



Is it just us, or does the weather look like it's telling us to go outside? Why not head out to the park this week with Blur?


We are in holiday spirit this week as we have a few mid-week day's off! We hope you are all having a wonderful Monday and think that this one will put a bit of a spring in your step! #SotW!


This week's SotW! is from Moby, we thought you could all do with a pick me up to beat the Monday Blues. Here's Lift Me Up to get us all through the day.


We've got some twenty one pilots this week for you, so have a listen and let us know what you think of them!


This week's song is a little different. A few years ago, Dave Grohl directed a movie about the iconic Sound City recording studio shutting down, and for the soundtrack, he collected a huge group of artists to record a special album. One of the best songs from the soundtrack is this one, which features Grohl himself as well as Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Joshua Homme of Queens of the Stone Age.

Have a listen, and maybe leave a comment to tell us what you think of the song!


Bit of an oldie-ish song this week. Here are the Kaiser Chiefs!


It's June?! How did that happen? Oh well... Time to get into holiday mode! Here are the Black Keys with Gold on the Ceiling!


We hope you had as good  a Bank Holiday as we did! We're getting right back into things again this week with Black Grape and their new song Nine Lives!


This week, we're feeling a bit hopeful. Maybe we'll be right, but we're all pretty sure we're wrong. Here's George Harrison with Here Comes the Sun!

[su_youtube url=""]


If you're looking for a good tune to listen to in the car, this week's song has you sorted. Here's Go With the Flow from Queens of the Stone Age.


We've been excited about the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so here's a song by ELO from the soundtrack! We hope the weather stays the way it is too, because then this song would be even better!


We're a bit late again this week because of Gr8 Savers Week excitement, but we've still got a banging tune for you to rock out to! Here's Genesis with Land of Confusion!


This week, we're listening to another new tune. Here's Clean Bandit with Symphony!


We're going vaguely Easter-themed this week. It took a lot of time to think of a good song featuring rabbits or eggs, but we got there in the end. Here are the Hoosiers with Run Rabbit Run!


We're going slightly older this week, but don't worry; it's not too old! Here are the Supermen Lovers with Starlight!


This week we have our first member-suggested edition of Song of the Week!

Thanks to Mairead for her idea! Here's Kodaline, with The One


Something new for a new week. Have a listen to the Chainsmokers and Coldplay performing Something Just Like This!


This week we have our first Ed Sheeran feature!


Here, have a totally different song from last week. Get your feet tapping and your head banging in time to Black Stone Cherry!


Why not relax this week? Sit back, relax, chill the Foo out, and allow Dave Grohl and Norah Jones sing you this lovely number; you'll forget Mondays even existed!


It's taken a while to get around to this one, we know, but it's still a great song! Have a listen and let us know what you think in the comments!


It's late, but we had to make sure we liked it! It's another brand new song for 2017, so we hope you'll have faith in it! (you'll get the joke in a minute). Here's Stevie Wonder with Ariana Grande in their new song for the movie "Sing."


Here's a special Valentine's Day song for you to get excited for!


Why not have a bit of Peter Gabriel this week? Here's Solsbury Hill


We took an extra day this week to recover from the excitement of the Schools Quiz last week, but that doesn't mean we're relaxing on the music! This week's song will have you up and dancing in seconds, no matter where you are! Here are Caravan Palace with Lone Digger.


We're heading back to some old music this week, so have a listen to some Sum 41 to beat those January blues!


We had a lot of stuff going on over the weekend which spilled over into Monday, so here's this week's song, two days late!

Technically, we're still on the theme of new music for the new year, so we've got a new version of a great "old" song for you to enjoy! A few weeks ago, Stone Sour reissued their 2006 album Come What(Ever) May, and as a special addition, they added this song. We hope you enjoy it!

Stone Sour - Zzyzx Rd


This week's song is being shared early for website viewers because we love it so much! It won't appear on Facebook until Monday, but just in time for the weekend, you can listen to our latest addition here! For song #2 of January 2017, we have Rick Astley, with some more new music for the new year. From his new album, here's Wish Away.


We're back to normal this week in terms of opening hours, and that means that Song of the Week! is back too! We hope all of our members are enjoying a wonderful new year, so in the spirit of celebrating new things, why not have some new music? For the first song of 2017, here's Robbie Williams with Love My Life.


Even though it's Boxing Day, we're turning back to our normal songs to get things started again. Don't worry though, this one's still a good wintery tune! Leading you up to the New Year are Coldplay, with Violet Hill.


It's not quite Christmas yet, but December will soon be upon us, so let's get in the Winter mood with the Fleet Foxes' White Winter Hymnal! Don't get too festive yet, though; you've got to save energy for Christmas!


Now that it's getting colder outside in the evenings, why not listen to some songs which help you feel nice and warm? To keep you nice and toasty this week, here are the Foo Fighters, with their song Wheels.


This week we're starting to judge all the entries for our annual art competition, so we chose a song which deals with the idea of dreams and pictures, so have a listen and tell us what you think of it!


This week we have a song to bring everyone together. From 1973, the Strawbs have got us all feeling Part of the Union, and we hope you'll feel that way too!


Naturally, this week can only really suit one song. Happy Halloween!


To say thanks to everyone who helped make ICUD so good, we chose "What a Wonderful World" to be our Song of the Week this week. We hope you enjoy it!


Our second ever Song of the Week is our first special occasion song! To get in the mood for International Credit Union Day, we chose Daft Punk's Around the World. Have a listen and make sure you come along for our big celebration on Thursday!


The first song we've decided to choose is the Pointer Sisters' I'm So Excited, because we're excited to be sharing something new with our members!

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