New Office Opening Hours

Updated: Mar 1, 2019


To give management and the board a good idea of when the new branch should open, we'd love it if the survey could get 100 responses. If you know anyone who's always been saying something about the office not being open often enough, now's the time to tell them that they can make a change! Let's make sure that the answers reflect everyone's needs!

With the fast approach of our new sub-office's opening date, we're getting things ready for business to get up and running smoothly. One thing we need to do is decide when the new branch is going to be open, and we'd like your help.

We've opened a survey for members to take part in, allowing them to suggest opening hours for normal days throughout the week. If you'd like to put your suggestions forward, all you have to do is click the link down below and tick the boxes you think suit you best.

Please don't suggest that we open all day every day; we'll delete responses with that kind of answer!

Hopefully your answers will give us the right kind of data we need for creating as positive experience as possible for everyone!

Use the box below to take part, or click here to go to the survey!

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