Cash-for-Cache at Antrim Credit Union!

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Staff member Sarah brought up the fantastic idea that we should 'cache-in' on the trend of of hiding and finding rocks which has been sweeping local towns recently. Geoffrey loved the idea so much that he decided to run his own version of the game!

Next week, some of our staff members' children will be coming in to help Geoffrey paint rocks, which will then be distributed around Antrim and Randalstown for you and your family to go in search of. If you find one, bring it to either of our offices to win a prize! We've got a range of exclusive merchandise which has never been given out before, and Geoffrey's really looking forward to seeing who comes in to claim it!

Because we're only giving prizes out to under-16s, we'll also be depositing £25 into gold rock winners' accounts (only to the first person to find each one; consolations will be available for subsequent finders), hence the name of our version of the game. If you're not a member, but find a rock, you can still win a prize, we just won't be able to make any deposit if you find the gold rock. To make things fair, we'll also only be issuing one prize to each winner, no matter how many rocks they bring back.

We'll be posting again to announce the placement of the rocks, so keep an eye out for when the competition goes live! If you have any suggestions for unique places to hide them, let us know and we'll add it to the list!

Once everything goes live, head out on a hunt and then come to see us to win your prize!

Good luck!

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