Loan Application Privacy

We've always been very concerned about protecting member privacy and confidentiality when it comes to all aspects of our accounts. To try and enhance our privacy provisions for members, we'll be beginning a trial of a new loan application option over the coming weeks in the hopes that we can keep members feeling more comfortable about their causes and motives for applying to borrow.

It's always been an option to ask for loan applications to be performed in private; we have a purpose-built interview room attached to our banking hall for loan applications needing more privacy than we can offer over the counter. However, we'd like to begin a trial period of processing all loan applications in the interview room to make sure everyone, by default, is allowed the same level of privacy and confidentiality.

Please don't be afraid to ask for your loan to be taken care of in the interview room. Similarly, if you'd be happy to apply over the counter, then simply tell us when you're called forwards from the queue.

We aim to make sure everyone is accounted and catered for - let us know how we can help our community.

Antrim Credit Union

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