From time to time, it has been made clear to us that the rules regarding membership passbooks are not made fully known to our community. We apologise for this, and would like to take the opportunity to fully explain the situation regarding our little blue books:

Member books...

  • Are your form of personal identification when entering our offices. While photographic ID is a standard and accepted form, we use passbooks to avoid complications and cluttered files full of photocopies, repeated printouts and wasted paper.

  • MUST BE brought in person when withdrawing money from an account. If you have written authorisation to withdraw money from someone else's account, you still must have their book on your person.

  • MUST BE brought in person when applying for a loan. This is non-negotiable.

  • Can be reissued ONLY if the member verifies themselves using photographic identification.

  • Are worth £5 for a replacement, providing valid photographic identification has been shown in person.

Member books help us to save paper, time and space. When withdrawing money, we use books to verify ID, backing up the verification by asking security questions and confirming extra details by asking for them to be provided alongside a signature.

To allow for occasional slip-ups, we do allow for ONE share withdrawal to be made without a passbook present. Everyone is allowed ONE chance to forget their book, and in cases when ID is used, a record is made to prohibit the member from using ID again.

If a passbook is deemed completely lost, a new one can be issued if photographic ID is presented. To prevent members repeatedly issuing new passbooks and depleting resources and wasting time, replacement passbooks will now be issued at the cost of £5.

We don't enjoy having to lay out firm rules, but sanctions are in place for a reason, and we can't bend the rules for even just one person. If you've lost your book, please do speak to us about getting a replacement.

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