Losing your Passbook

What happens if you've lost your member book?

Every now and then, we get reports from members that they've misplaced their passbooks. When this happens though, there's really no need to worry.

In the case that someone finds your passbook, all they can do with it is pay money into your account (which sounds great, right?), because each loan/withdrawal made in the office has strict security question checks worked in as standard procedure. If we know something's wrong, we won't authorise anything suspicious.

All you have to do when you lose your book is come to us with photo ID, and we'll issue a new one. If someone then does try to use your old one, we'll know what's happened and dispose of it. If you happen to find your old book, just bring it to us and we'll get rid of it for you.

Don't worry if thing go missing; we've got measures in place to help you out.

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