A Very Important Note About Parking

At Antrim Credit Union, the safety of our members is a huge concern, and recently, we've noticed something which needs addressed in regards to making sure access to our facilities poses minimal risk to everyone.

We know that Massereene St is an awkward place to navigate at the best of times, but if we all work together, which is what credit unions are all about, we can make things safer, easier and more accessible for everyone who needs to get in and our of our main office. So please, when arriving at our door, do not block the entryway or alleys on Massereene St; people's houses and businesses are blocked off on a daily basis by parking on double yellow lines and this can quite often cause confusion and put people at risk of being knocked down.

As an alternative to parking on the path or road directly outside our office(s), please consider the either the car park at the end of the road next to Shunters or the one next to the church by the subway. While slightly delaying your arrival to our office, using this car park will reduce blockages to people's homes and businesses while also keeping the street safe for the many children and older people who are often affected by on-street parking.

Now, we fully understand that some people may need to park closer to the office due to physical ailments or other inhibiting factors. We do not, in any way, discourage parking under any circumstances in which this is the case. However, needlessly blocking spaces closest to our offices does prevent people with mobility issues from properly accessing the spaces they need, so please bear them in mind when you're next planning to come in. Please also note that parking on top of double yellow lines is against the law and can affect your insurance in the case that something happens to your car while parked.

We would like to extend this invitation to cease parking on the street in front of our office(s) because of a number of requests given to us by illegally parked members requesting that we hurry to serve them in case they incur parking penalties. We would like to remind you that risking these penalties (and various health endangerments) is totally avoidable by parking by Shunters or the church, and that we can not and will not accept responsibility any parking penalties incurred by our members while accessing our office(s).

We apologise for having to take a serious tone, but this matter has begun to cause a number of problems which we would like to avoid in future. Please consider the community when using your credit union, because after all, we all work better together. Let's make sure that everyone can get into the office nice and easily.