What's Great About Being Online

We're well into a modern age of digital presences and social media communities, and here at Antrim Credit Union, we've taken no time in fully embracing what's available to us. Businesses and organisations are now able to speed up operations and performances by taking advantage of a huge range of services made available by companies like Google and Facebook. Here are a few examples of how being online has massively improved the way we work:

1. Google Search Listings

Nowadays, eve when our offices are closed, you can find out a good deal of information about what we do, how we do it, and probably most importantly, when we dot it. If you search for any of the following terms, you'll find us:

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These are just examples of things you can search to find us (they're actually almost all things which people have already used to find us!). Try it now; go to Google and put in any combo of the words up above. Google's search engine will use your location and our details to bring up our listings, as well as any of our websites' pages or blog posts containing the information you're after.

What's even better about Google searching us is the comprehensive info card which is brought up when you look at either of the listings for our branches. Gone are the days of needing to call to ask if we're open; at any time at all, Google will tell you whether or not our offices are open. We can even update holidays, so you can give us a quick search any time you're unsure, and Google will still give you the right information, even in the case of exceptional closures! Have a look below to see what we mean.

As you can see, Google will tell you, at any time, even during holidays, whether or not our branches are open for business. Even if it says "hours may differ," trust us; they're accurate. We make sure that the details of our opening hours, even at holiday times, are accurate to the minute on Google, so you no longer need to call us to check!

Google does list a phone call button, but please do note that calls such as those asking whether we're open are quite a hindrance to operations in the banking hall, and they prevent us from taking care of serious matters and account-related issues in the office. So please do trust what it says; we're the ones who've updated it!

Note also that the Google card contains links to all kinds of other useful information, such as our exact locations, which can be opened in maps and visit using SatNav directions! As well as that, there's a handy link to our website, which contains all you need to know about loans, savings, joining, insurance, and everything we're currently offering for our members.

Give it a click!

2. Our All-New Website!

A while ago, we replaced our former website with the one currently on show and linked to all our social pages, including the Google button shown above. The site contains information on everything you need to know regarding loan applications, your shares, joining, changing your details, getting involved with us and making an impact on the organisation using your part-ownership. Isn't that a lot?

As if that isn't good enough, our website also contains all the information you need on locations, numbers, addresses, contact information and opening hours, so you can even head there if you're not sure whether we're open! We always make special holiday posts about exceptional opening hours, so make sure to give them a check if ever you're wondering!

Above once more, you can see what we're referring to. On mobile, the options are a little more limited, but the important stuff is all still there. Give it a check next time you're curious; we guarantee it's got what you need.

If there's anything else you want to see added, we've got a suggestion box survey running right now, which you can take part in by clicking here. If you want to make any other, public suggestions, you can always leave them in the comments sections of our blog posts, Facebook page and Instagram photos! We're open to emails and instant messages as well.

What's also interesting is the way our blog works. Each post is edited according to Search Engine Optimisation protocol, meaning that if you search for us with any keywords such as "holiday," "online access," "important updates, " or anything else you might need, Google, Firefox, Ecosia, Safari, Edge and all other browsers and search engines will show you blog posts and web pages we've published which you can use to learn about whatever you need to know!

As a final point, remember that the desktop version of the website is the best iteration, meaning that it flows better, appears better and lists more information, so make sure you check the laptop and PC version if you can't find what you need on mobile!

3. Social Media Pages

You know how it is: everything's on social media these days, and the case is no different for us. We're everywhere! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for live updates on everything you'll veer need to know about what's going on. Just like the blog, there'll be updates on important info, community interactions, competitions, opening hours, big announcements, and just about anything else you can think of. You can also comment, message and email us to find out any extra info.

Note also that our pages are linked to the website, so comprehensive information is never farther than a click or two away!

One thing that we recommend on social media is to check the "see first" option on our Facebook page. Because we don't pay for many advertisements on Facebook, the algorithms don't favour our posts, meaning that you're less likely to see them than you are those from pages with paid ads. See below for a diagram.

Checking this option means that our information will be prioritised in your news feed, keeping you in the know on all that's going on and updating you on everything which is happening across the community, including our 1500 followers competition!

4. Email

Lastly, but no less importantly, we are now taking email addresses to be added on to accounts. This will allow us to save both paper and money every year by reducing the number of letter sent out from the office when it comes to arrears notices, important updates and AGM invitations. We'll never use your email address for sales or marketing, only what's important, so why not send it over to us now so we can start saving money for everyone in the community!

Note also that you can contact us any time of day via email and we'll respond to you during office hours. If you want to email us, click here.

Thanks for reading all the way down. We hope the update has been a useful one, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions on everything we're doing. We're working on some updates for the website as we speak, but if there's anything you'd like to see, please do submit it here.

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