Ongoing Initiatives - Please Take Part!

You're probably getting fed up with hearing about these initiatives, but the sooner you take part, the sooner they go away! Please do help us make improvements to your community, it'll change things for the better for everyone!

We're still running a range of things which require member participation. Each of them is in place to help make big changes to the offices and their general operations, so please do take the very short amount of time needed to fill in each of the forms; you'll be helping us improve things for everyone!

First off:

Please remember to update your contact details if you haven't already. It'll ultimately have a large impact on our paper consumption and also help the organisation save money. Add your email address here:

Next up:

Surveys. We're still running a few SurveyMonkey forms to help improve and inform the business and its operations, so please make sure to fill them out and make the community more accessible to everyone who needs it. Fill the surveys out below:

Opening Hours

App Suggester

Again, we apologise for repeating ourselves again, but we really need some feedback on these. Also, if you're a site member, check the "forum" section for even more to get involved in. Let's make some changes!

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