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We've been working away behind the scenes for a while now, and we're proud to announce a few new features which ave been added to the ACU website! Read on for full details.

1. Feedback Form

If you open up the drop-down menu underneath the "Contact Us" button, you'll find a new option next to the email submission form. If you have any ideas on how to improve the organisation or any suggestions for the new office, click the page and let us know!

We're also opening the form to complaints and general feedback as well, so if we've done something wrong or something really good, please don't hesitate to let us know and help us to improve on everything we do for you! Hopefully, we'll receive more positives than negatives! (We're on an all-time no complaints streak, so let's keep it up!)

Don't worry about anonymity; you can choose whether or not to add your name to your comments!

2. Native Ratings Option!

We've always had the option to leave a rating on Google and Facebook, but now there's a native rating feature as well! Down at the bottom of most pages on the site, you'll find a simple 5-star rating system, where you can leave a quick review any time that you come to visit. We'd love to see what you think and have the ability to improve on your opinions, so send us your thoughts!

3. Email Address Collector To move with the modernisation of records and communication, we're trying to update our contact information in connection to people's accounts. Our hope is to reach AGM time and not have to send out thousands of letters to everyone across the common bond. Instead, we'll send out one mass email which invites everyone at the same time and doesn't waste paper, time or money.

When it comes to announcing bigger news as well, we'll make sure that those with emails on record are contacted so they become the first to find out about big developments. One such announcement will be the grand opening of the new office, which we'll be emailing members about when the time comes. Otherwise, it'll only be arrears notes and important information which gets sent out, so you can rest assured that there'll be no marketing or spam.

4. New Randalstown Pages

When the new office opens, so will the new section of the website. It's been baking away in the background for months now, and we're really excited to launch it in conjunction with the new opening so that members who go to Randalstown can find all they need to know in a separate place.

Keep an eye out for these pages launching and give us any suggestions on what you think they might need!

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