New Randalstown Office Construction Begins

It's been a long time coming, and like any big project, it's had its difficulties, but today (21/08/2018), construction of our new office in Randalstown finally began! You might have seen the advert we posted in the Ulster Tatler this month, but in case you missed it, we've posted it below.

We're really excited to see things in motion at last, and we hope you're just as ready as we are to see an office which can allow us to provide the wonderful people of Randalstown with the service they deserve!

Make sure you keep checking in over the next while to see how the construction is coming along! We'll be sure to keep you updated while things are underway, and then you'll be able to celebrate with us once things are finished!

Every so often, there'll be updates posted here, so make sure to keep checking in!


This morning, builders moved on to the site for the first time. Members of staff as well as the board of directors came down to watch as Martin Hackett broke the ground for digging to begin.

Please take care if you're passing by for a look, and please refrain from entering the site without authorisation.