Money Saving Tips (Not) to Try!

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

We've been trying to come up with some Weekend Wisdom advice for you over the past while, but we stumbled across some entertaining little tips this week which might not be the same! You might have heard some of these before, but why not have a read and see if there's any way you could scrounge those extra pennies to keep in your account!

These are just some light-hearted tips from all around Google, so we're only sharing them for a laugh. But if they happen to work for you, we might get a story or two out of it!

If there's anything you really want us to share tips on over the coming weeks, please comment here or leave us a message on Facebook, Twitter or at or We'd love to share some advice with you if there's anything you'd like to know, so get in touch!

If there's anything you'd find useful among the tips we've already shared, why not have a look in our Weekend Wisdom YouTube playlist? It's already got all kinds of things to learn about!

Without further ado, here are our 10 tips on how you should(n't) save your extra pennies:

  1. Advice from parents: Send your children round to friends' houses around dinnertime. This works best if they practice acting hungry first- or are actually hungry for real (see tip 10)

  2. Pick up every coin you find. Apparently a couple somewhere have spent the last 12 years picking up every coin they have ever found and amassed £360,000 - we'll leave this one up to you

  3. Hang onto the outside of the bus - great way to take in some extra sights on your daily commute

  4. Roasted dandelion root is an excellent coffee substitute (and it's decaf) - although, would you really want ot make the caffeine sacrifice?

  5. Brew your own beer and wine: you'll save money (and you'll save on housing costs when you spend six months in hospital paid for by the NHS)

  6. Move back home with the parents - always a win

  7. Turn the thermostat down, then earn some money by selling the freezer, boiler and radiators

  8. Wash your clothes in the dishwasher. Just stick them all in together, dishes and all!

  9. Separate the 2-ply. Enough said.

  10. Don’t eat on a Monday. This saves 1/7 of your food budget instantly! (Sleeping right through until Tuesday is great too, because who even likes Mondays?)

Hopefully you enjoyed our tips and feel inspired to get saving using your newfound knowledge! Remember to get in touch if there are any tips you'd like to see in the coming weeks, because we're here to help!

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