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There are a great many ways for you to get in contact with us in the office. Some of those ways are very different from others and can only be used in certain ways. It's important for us to ensure that certain types of contact or correspondence are carried out in a way that's appropriate to the severity of its subject matter.

For example, we can use social media for general enquiries into things such as business hours, holidays, how to perform certain actions, signup information and questions about how the business works (this info is also all available on our website, so please do make the most of it!). However, social media is not a platform through which we can discuss sensitive, account-related information such as loan availability, balances, transfers or matters of records, details or GDPR.

When it comes to discussing accounts, loans, transfer, withdrawals and records, we need to use contact details which are stored on record in relation to your account. Due to social media having no link to your account, we can't verify identity securely. What we do store on your account are records such as email and telephone contact information. If you need to talk about your account, but can't make it to the office, please either phone us or send an email to Before you do, please make sure that your email address has been added to your account. You can ensure that this is in order at the bottom of this article.

We understand the ease of social media and the speed at which it can be used. unfortunately, we can't link profiles to accounts, and therefore can only deal with no account-related matters when using it to speak to members. Please help us to streamline and secure our correspondences by making sure that all remote interactions with us are performed according to the level of their sensitivity and importance.

If you need to add your email to your account in case you can't make it and need to contact us, please click below and fill out the form.

Email form

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