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One major difference between our current website and our old one (by the way, please do let us know what you think is better/worse since the switch; we'd love to make changes to suit your preferences), is the fact that there's no more native loan calculator.

Not to worry: we do have a link to one which works just as well. In the top menu above the rest of the site, there's an option for you to select "loan calculator" (desktop only). This link will take you to the Irish League of Credit Unions website, where a loan calculator like our old one is still in operation.

If you use the ILCU loan calculator, you'll get the same results as with our old native one. Submitting an enquiry will still result in us receiving a notification which informs us of your desire to borrow, so don't hesitate to use it! Once we receive the notification that you've been enquiring, we'll call/email you and discuss your options.

As a side note, if you'd prefer us to email you about the enquiry once you've submitted it, please fill out the form found by clicking this link.

We're currently working with a few options for building our own native calculator again, but in the meantime, the external link to the ILCU works just as well, so go ahead and use it while we work on in the background!

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