IMPORTANT - How to Fill Out an Email Form

Over the past while, we've received a couple of email addition forms for GDPR updates which haven't been correctly filled in. We understand that some of the terms might not be as clear as they could be, and that processes like this one can be confusing, so below is a guide on how to fully complete our new GDPR page's email update form without any hiccups, complications or repetitions!

If you receive an email regarding a form you've submitted, chat to us about how to correctly complete the form and we'll get you sorted in no time!

First of all, you'll need to find the form. We have a few measures in place to take you there, including the homepage box which pops up with news and notifications. Below s a picture of the box and where you have to click to get to the form. The red highlight points out what to click if you want to go to the form.

If you've made it to the homepage (by clicking out of the box), then you'll see the menu up above. All you have to do is hover over "Contact Us" and you'll see the right place to click, which is highlighted below in red.

Clicking here will take you right to the form and you can get going.

Now, it's time for the form itself. Even though it's safe to assume most people will go in with only one account in mind (preferably their own), we'd like to remind everyone that you can only enter details for one person at a time. Any more than one set of details entered will be voided and we'll ask you to start over.

When you get to the form, the first thing you'll be asked to do is fill in your name. Believe it or not, we've already had mistakes and incorrect entries as early on as this, so it pays to be vigilant and make sure you're adding the right information! See below for what the name entry section looks like.

After your name goes in, it's on to your member number. This part is a magnet for errors and mistaken entries. Please do not enter your bank account number or sort code, or any other number. It's important that you protect your own data online, and we want you to be as safe as possible.

If you're having trouble finding your member number, just look in the top, left-hand corner of ANY balance sticker in your book. If you still can't see it, call us and we'll let you know. Member numbers are 3-5 digit numbers which are only tied to your ACU account, so if it's written on anything other than your book, it's the wrong number.

Next, we're on to your date of birth. Again, we've had mistakes here, too, so take care!

With your personal details included, it's time to add your email address. Please make sure to enter it exactly correct; if there are any errors, it won't work, and we won't be able to contact you to fix it!

To make this stage more accurate, we've added an email address confirmation space, requiring you to enter your address twice just to make sure it's 100% correct.

Before you submit the form, please make sure you click the opt-in button to the right (on desktop, below on mobile). Not clicking this box will result in the form being voided; it tells us not to use your email address if it's not ticked! We've highlighted the box in red to show exactly where it is among the block of text.

Lastly, it's time for the final touches. We've built our own Captcha to get rid of any pesky bots spamming our records, so make sure you answer correctly, otherwise we'll reject your form!

When you've answered the maths problem, click "submit" and then you're done!

When you're all done, this message will appear. Please do read it through carefully and then use the buttons to move away and go to whichever page you'd like to visit next.

Hopefully this clears things up nicely. We're excited to go paperless for the majority of our member communications, and we're hopeful about you being excited too!

If you want to get on board and help us use less paper and send fewer letters, click here and get started!

If you want to see more about what's going on, click here.

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