Gr8 Savers Week Competition!

Gr8 Savers Week is almost upon us once again, and Geoffrey's getting right back to his usual hi jinx as usual. He came to us as part of a competition a few years ago, and now he's running his own one!

In both of our offices, there are art and puzzle sheets from the ILCU, and Geoffrey's challenging all of our junior members to complete one of their own to see if they can beat his answers and colouring skills! He's got a few different prizes to hand out to those who can do better than he did, so make sure you come and take part nice and quickly so he can decide who's done best!

We've got some photos of Geoffrey's answers and colouring below, but they're not very good, so it shouldn't be too tough to outdo his attempts to beat the puzzles!

Come on down and join in for a chance to win!

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