Give Us a Google!

Did you know that both of our offices are now on Google? If you need to know anything which is too small for an email or phone call, simply search for Antrim Credit Union and all your questions will be answered!

Google now lists all of our official opening hours, with exceptional dates for holidays and special occasions as well! Locations, directions and images are all available too, so if you're not sure where, when or how to go, all you have to do now is search!

If anyone you know is trying to find us, make sure you let them know where to go!

...and while you're at it, you can now leave us reviews too! If you leave us a review, it can help us see what we're doing well, as well as what we might need to improve on. If you think there's something, good or bad, which you might want us to know, why not say it in a  review so that others can see it as well?