You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for "Giraffe on the Staff"!

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

It's that time of year again, and in many houses across the world, thousands of cheeky little elves are getting up to no good and unleashing untold amounts of holiday havoc!

At ACU, we've got no elves (save for the normal ones working behind the counter), but our resident mischief-maker Geoffrey has been up to his own brand of festive fun! Below, you can take a look at all the holly-bough hi-jinx our resident messer has been up to, or you can come down to visit us and meet him for yourself!

Just make sure that when you're here, that Geoff doesn't try to pull any tricks on you!

Geoffrey tries his hand on the till. Let's hope he can count!

Next, it's off to the filing room to practise some organisation skills (they're good for interviews!)

Surely it must be time for a break... Maybe Geoff can steal some of Nadine's porridge while she's not looking!

No luck with the porridge. Maybe Geoff can steal some chocolate instead, if he pretends he's making tea...

Caught stealing chocolate! Dishwashing duty as punishment

Upstairs for supplies. What's up there anyway?

Look what Geoff found! Now's his chance to steal the chairman's spot and take control!

King of the castle!

Fortunately, that's all we've caught him doing for now... If you want to keep updated on what goes on with Geoff's cheeky Christmas tricks, follow us on Instagram!

If you've got any suggestions for what Geoff could get up to, send us a message or leave a comment!

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