Email Addresses

We've always been about recycling and making plans to ensure our offices work to the benefit of the environment, and we're now making moves to improve our environmental contributions even more!

From now on, we'll be collecting member email addresses to store on record for use as primary forms of contact. Don't worry, you'll not receive emails every week or month, but when we really need to tell you something, we'll be doing so digitally. This means that big announcements, like the opening of our office, along with our annual AGM invites, will all be sent out online to those who choose to change their contact preferences.

Next time you're in the office, ask the staff about adding your email address to your account. We'll get things sorted nice and quickly and get a signature added to a GDPR consent form, then you'll be all set!

We'd love to make ACU as close to paperless as possible, so let's work together to reduce the amount of paper we use!

We promise to NEVER use your email address for marketing purposes and to ONLY email you with information which is important to the community and your individual account.

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