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Recently, we published this post about how to update personal information on accounts with Antrim Credit Union. It was comprehensive and contained some information about safety and the importance of correct member records, but we'd like to take a moment and explain the reason why things need to be correct in our records.

Membership at Antrim Credit Union requires nothing other than a residence within the local area (10 miles from main office), but quite commonly people tend to move away to far-off places. moving house is part of life, and nobody's expected to stay in one place forever, so when people move, we allow them to remain members despite living outside the common bond.

The problem with people moving away, especially to places which are very far removed from our common bond, is that they often leave us without an updated record of their contact details. When this happens, we get left with an account whose only correct details are a name and date of birth. While this doesn't seem all that bad, we always have to consider the ramifications of sending out a circulation of some sort (AGM letter, arrears notification) and having it arrive with the wrong person.

We can only use details stored on record which have been provided to us in person by members. For security reasons and as a result of a need for validation and verification, records can't be updated by word of mouth or via phone call, email or other form of contact, so we need all the details and evidence listed in the original records post in order to keep things right. GDPR restrictions and rules are strict, so we must be strict in order to uphold them.

While it's sometimes difficult to make it to the office to update things, wd can always agree ways to take verified forms of ID and account update info. Similarly, in cases when accounts are not kept relevant and current, we always have to consider the consequences of sending letters with sensitive information to the wrong place. To avoid allowing your information being accessible by the wrong people, we need to make sure our information is airtight, and the only way we can do that is with your cooperation!

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