Closing Competitions - Explained

It's quite a hard decision to make, and it's not one which we're making with any degree of joy, but unfortunately, we've decided to close the competitions which have been running over the past few weeks due to a strong lack in awareness.

We realise that it's a sad turn of events to have to announce, but we're going to have to rethink the way we run these kind of events. When we share them via Facebook, algorithms which determine what shows up in your news feed will turn away our posts because we don't pay to advertise them. We tried encouraging people to choose the "see first" preference on our page, but that had no effect on our reach either.

Elsewhere, it seems as if people only turn to our website for some very specific matters. Sadly, these matters, such as balance check features, are unavailable due to matters beyond our control, meaning that we often get requests for things which we cannot provide because of security and IT provision constraints. In spite of this, we do try to provide as much helpful information and useful community content to make up for the things which we can't provide. If there's anything you'd like to see posts about, please do let us know on our new feedback page.

We're not sure how to go about competitions and interactions from now on, but we're going to stop what's happening at the moment and restructure things in favour of a more effective system of presentation and/or distribution. It might take a while, but we'll hopefully end up with a more inclusive atmosphere of community involvement and participation when it's all over.

We apologise to those who tried to take part in the competitions; we cannot piece together enough information from entrants to qualify them for finality. In the case of our 1500 likes competition, several weeks of running has seen a growth of less than 10 page likes, and in the case of our junior competition, we simply received no entries with names written on them.

Hopefully you'll be able to take part in future when we figure out how to make things more visible! To help things run more smoothly in future, please do be sure to hit the like button on Facebook every time you see a post, and always check the community section of the blog for things you might have missed! Raising like numbers and total read counts will help us ensure that our content is reaching people!

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