Online Chat: Balance Checks

We've recently been in talks to try and tackle the lack of balance check feature on the website. Many people still don't know that our old balance check tool was discontinued by our IT handlers almost two years ago, and we'd like to give members something to stand in place of it now that it's gone.

Since the development of the online chat feature, we've been communicating directly with many members looking to find out different pieces of information regarding hours, holidays, savings and loans. What we've realised recently is that the online chat feature is secure enough for us to provide balance checks to members contacting us through the website!

When you next want to check your balance, visit the site during opening hours and look at the chat button in the bottom corner. Once you click it, all you have to do is answer some security questions, then we'll be able to tell you your balance in a matter of seconds!

Please note that we can only provide this option while the office is open. For holiday hours over Christmas 2019, please check the image below:

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