Randalstown Noticeboards

Now that we're fully settled in our new branch in Randalstown, we've been working on making the office more useful for members. One way in which we've always tried to help the community has been providing noticeboards supplying information regarding all kinds of businesses, events, projects and more within the local area.

In our old Randalstown branch office, we had a number of small noticeboards open for member use, but we've now added a much bigger one to the new building to help open up some advertising space to as many people as possible. In addition, we've got a sandwich board to place outside when the office is open, which we plan to use for sharing important info to people who aren't even in the office!

If you have anything you want to promote, come in and ask us to pin it up for you; we're always happy to advertise what's going on in the area. As well as that, if there's any of our info which you'd like to see pinned outside the office, let us know and we'll get it ready to go!

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