More Animals in the Office (and maybe Batman too)

When we were up searching among the contents of our attic recently, we noticed that something was squeaking up among the rafters. Confused, and frankly a little worried, we decided to check out what was making the noise. We were delighted to learn that a small family of bats had taken up residence above our main office!

Quite the animal enthusiasts, we did a little research to see what people normally do to safely remove bats from buildings. While we searched, we learned the following: it turns out, Batman is real, and he does house calls!

Excited to see what happens when Batman comes to visit, we gave him a call and asked him to come and have a look in the attic. A little riskily, he arrived without his mask, but we're not snitches and we won't reveal his secret identity. Dressed in outdoorsy clothes rather than his typical black and yellow, and disappointingly capeless, he ascended into the home of our unexpected lodgers and inspected the scene (he is the world's greatest detective, after all).

Satisfied by the sight up above us, Batman came back down and gave us some strange news. Apparently, bats like to settle down after mid May, so removing them from the rafters can be a little dangerous. Instead of sending them out into the world, he recommended that we let them stay and help their babies grow up a little so that they can all leave together in when autumn comes around.

There's no problem with having bats inside the house; they're quite clean animals and all they like to do indoors is sleep and stay warm! They're quite friendly flatmates to have in comparison to most of their alternatives, so as far as we're concerned, they're welcome to stay until they're ready to go!

It's hard to get a photo of our new residents, but we'll be sure to share one if we ever get the chance. In the meantime, keep an eye out for updates! With Geoffrey already here and the bats now signing a lease of their own, we're worried we might have to change our description to 'animal sanctuary' on Google! Let's hope we keep the foster count low...

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