Some of Our #ACUrocks Collectors!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

It's only been one day and already the rock finders are cascading through the doors! Geoffrey's so happy to see so many little savers out and about on the hunt for our beautifully painted rocks! Take a look below to find a collection of some of the winners so far!

Conall was our very first winner; congratulations! Geoffrey was so excited to meet him and present the first of all the goody bags!

After Conall won the first goody bag, more and more people came flying in to claim their prizes! Have a look at them below! Make sure you keep an eye out around the castle gardens for your chance to win, and make sure you hide your rock for someone else when you do! Remember that the rock doesn't have to go back to the castle; you can hide it anywhere you want to give someone else a challenge.

We're excited to see more winners roll in in the coming days! Make sure you share your winners with us via message.

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