#ACUrocks Appearing Today!

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

They're painted and they're ready, and today, they'll be appearing around Antrim for our junior savers to find and bring to us for a prize!

If you find one of our rocks, it'll have the #ACUrocks tag on it. Make sure you take a photo with it and share it on social media with the hashtag, then hide the rock somewhere else to be found by another saver! Make sure you get a nice closeup of the rock itself as well so we know it's one of ours!

Come and see us in the office to receive your prize when you've found a rock. Make sure you bring the junior saver who found it, and remember that only one prize can be won per person. We'll keep giving out prizes until we run out of goody bags, so there'll be plenty of prizes to win for everyone!

For a normal rock, savers will win a goody bag, and for our special gold rocks, you'll win a special goody bag and £25 to deposit into your account (but only if you're the first one to find it; subsequent winners will get goody bags as consolation prizes!)! Please note that the prize money will be deposited straight into the account belonging to the junior member who finds the rock, and can not be given out to non-members.

We have rocks to take to Randalstown as well, but they'll be appearing in a couple of days!

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