Nowadays, most modern businesses having a website is taken for granted and almost expected. As things keep developing and moving forwards, it's now becoming more expected of businesses to offer a mobile-friendly product or service to cater for its clientele. In keeping with this, we've been discussing the potentiality and possibility of considering the development of an ACU app.

App development is an expensive venture at the best of times, and due to the fact that credit unions are owned by their members, everything we do has to be done on member approval. To help aid the decision-making process, we'd love to get some feedback from the member community.

Down below, there's a yes/no survey link to be completed. Any comments you have will also be accepted. Please help us to make an executive decision on whether or not an app is a good financial decision for the organisation.

To validate the answers received by the survey collector, we'll need at least 300 responses. Please share the survey and direct friends who you know are members so that we can collect as many responses as possible!

Click here to complete the survey.

While we have your attention!

Please remember that we need at least 100 responses to our Randalstown opening hours survey. Click the link down below to cast your vote on what our new office's opening hour should be.

Click here to take the opening hours survey.

(By the way: we know we've got more than 1000 followers online, so there's no excuse for the numbers not to be met!)

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