Rainy Days

We've all been there before, and today's no different. You can't step outside without some agent of pure evil driving by and drenching you out of a puddle, and when you finally dry off, a bus shelter drips on your head when you walk underneath it. Everything is soaked through and you've never felt so miserable, but you've got to get down and make that loan payment.

Never fear. Like always, we're here to help. We always are!

If you can't bear the thought of looking out the window, remember that you can pay your loan online or over the phone! If you have our payment details, you can use your online banking app to pay straight into your account, and if you're debit card's on hand, just call us and pay that way! There's no need to step out and soak yourself when you could stay warm and dry by the TV.

If you're the kind who's not bothered by getting wet, why not consider putting some money away to use as a rainy day fund? Sarah, one of our tellers, recommends that you set aside a pound or two every now and then to help brighten up those rainy days with a bit of retail therapy!

We've got all sorts, as usual. Did you expect any less?

Let's make things as easy as possible.

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