Friends of the Zoo

If you have a look around the office now, you'll notice a couple of small changes which are going to help make a big difference!

Recently, we spoke with Friends of the Zoo to see about making charitable donations, and we've finally got some donation boxes in the office to help raise some money! As well as that, money earned from piggy bank sales will also be going towards our new cause!

Friends of the Zoo are an organisation operating our of Belfast Zoo, working to educate and inform visitors on the different species living at the zoo, offer opportunities to feed and care for the different animals, take part in outreach days and help support efforts made to protect endangered species and breeding programs! We're especially happy on Geoffrey's behalf that they'll be working to help the giraffe population through efforts made by Belfast Zoo, so make sure you look out for any updates we get about our mascot's wonderful family!

Rest assured that next time you buy a piggy bank, pay for a new passbook or even just drop some change in the donation box, your money will be going to a good cause, and that Geoffrey appreciates every penny that comes in!

This morning, we sent off our first round of donations, which totalled up to a brilliant £174.30! Let's keep the numbers up and keep making a difference!

Visit their Facebook page here

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