Weekend Wisdom Revival

It came and went at the best of times, but collecting together a list of financial tips and tricks is something we're really keen on bringing back again.

We'll post the YouTube playlist down below, but what we want first of all is a suggestion from you. What do you need tips on? Is there anything you've been trying to figure out financially in recent weeks to no avail? We want to find you some advice and then share it with the community, so that everyone gets an extra benefit from their credit union.

Obviously, all shared tips will be anonymous; we'd never share your name, just the tip itself. There's nothing to fear when asking us to look for tips; we just want to create a place for all our members to come and learn together, without anyone knowing who asked for what advice.

Go ahead and send us your suggestions for money-managing tips and help - you can use any social media platform, email us, or just send us a message from our Contact Us page right here!

Here's the original playlist!

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