60 Years of Credit Unions in Ireland

The celebration news is a little old, but worth sharing. Credit Unions have done great things for all kinds of people over the years, and with every day, the community grows even larger, making it possible for more and more people to have their financial wishes granted.

At their AGM this year, the ILCU marked a 60-year milestone in the presence of Credit Unions across Ireland. That's 60 years spent at the heart of communities all over the island! With 3.6 million members, Credit Unions all over Ireland are making huge impacts ever day, and as a result, they've been voted the nation's most highly-regarded organisation!

Here's a little bit about the vote:

"Credit unions have earned the top spot in a national study measuring the highest regarded organisations in Ireland. Credit unions were ranked number one out of 100 leading companies surveyed for the 2018 RepTrak report. With a score of 82, credit unions not only emerged in first place, but were also well ahead of the average score of 57.5 amongst other financial services organisations." read the rest of the article here

To help the community look back over the past 60 years, the ILCU produced a video marking all the important events from throughout the period:

If you want to read more about the 60th anniversary, click here!

We hope you agree with what's said in the video about the value of sticking together nowadays. No matter what else happens, you can count on your Credit Union to stick by you, and to keep the heart of the community beating.

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