Antrim Credit Union was first opened in 1968 by a group of volunteers who believed in the work of the credit union movement in Ireland and thought there was a need for the organisation in the community to help those who could not get help anywhere else.

We are a community and co-operative organisation. ACU is owned by the members - the people who save and borrow with it. People like you. When you become a member and start saving with your credit union, you have access to fair and reasonable rates on savings and loans.

Your credit union doesn't make a profit. Surplus income generated is returned to the members by way of a dividend or is directed to improved or additional services required by the members.

50 years

in your community

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Going the extra mile to keep you safe

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we've been working in the background on top of our normal schedule to make sure you have access to all the most important ACU services from home.

Check out the online access tab in the main menu, or click any of these buttons for more information.

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